Blue Planet's commitment to Hawaii's clean energy future is reinforced through our statewide programs. Through hands-on projects, grassroots activism, policy advocacy, and community-based initiatives, we continue to advance Hawaii toward energy self-sufficiency.


DIRECT ENERGY SAVINGS: Replaced 100,000 incandescent lights statewide with CFLs or LEDs, saving 90,000 barrels’ worth of oil consumption and $13 million over the lives of the bulbs—contributing the efficiency equivalent of the power from a 5 MW  solar farm.
SOLAR FOR HAWAIIAN HOMES: Facilitated the installation of 100 solar water heaters on Hawaiian homestead homes through a partnership with the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement.
CLEAN ENERGY FUNDING: Successfully lobbied the legislature to pass progressive clean energy policies, including a “first in the nation” carbon tax to provide millions annually for clean energy programs.
FEED-IN TARIFF: Intervened as a party in six Public Utilities Commission rulemaking dockets to help direct utility regulation, including the feed-in tariff that allows residents and businesses to sell power back to the grid.
INNOVATION SUPPORT: Helped procure more than $250,000 in federal grant money for local rural businesses to invest in clean energy innovations and renewable initiatives.
PROMOTING HOME EFFICIENCY: Produced the Hawai‘i Home Energy Makeover 2 TV special, providing viewers with smart, sustainable energy choices.
PUBLIC EDUCATION: Delivered presentations at schools, conferences, and community events statewide, educating thousands of Hawai‘i residents about clean energy.


Blue Planet Foundation regularly hosts and participates in events to promote Hawaii's clean energy future.


Blue Planet Foundation believes that a key way to reduce oil consumption is through educational outreach.  We have taken the initiative to educate youth, college students, the general public and our government representatives:

Legislative Policy

Blue Planet Foundation positions itself as an effective, non-partisan, positive, solutions-oriented organization with a clear vision and roadmap for achievement. By identifying key leverage points across many sectors, Blue Planet fosters systemic change in how Hawaii generates and uses energy. In 2013, we believe that removing regulatory and institutional barriers to enable the shift to clean energy should be a legislative priority. Learn about the policy measures we'll be advocating for during the 2013 legislative session here.

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Clearing the Path for Clean Energy