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Local Industry News

1/16  Maui News: Maui groups, residents in opposition to HECO merger

1/16  Star-Advertiser: NextEra to use Parker Ranch for wind farm

1/16  PBN: Parker Ranch, NextEra Energy agree to develop wind energy projects on Hawaii's Big Island

1/16  PBN: Hawaii's energy stakeholders cover the hot issues

1/16  PBN: Randy Iwase named chairman of Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

1/16  Civil Beat: Gov. Ige names new Hawaii AG, Public Utilities Chair

1/16  Star-Advertiser: Ige names attorney general, PUC chairman

1/16  Star-Advertiser: Big Island plant fined for gas release

1/15  Utility Dive: Groups ask Hawaii PUC to focus on HECO reforms before acquisition

1/15  Civil Beat: Clean energy groups urge regulators to hold off on NextEra approvals

1/15  West Hawaii Today: Work resumes at Hu Honua; CEO: 'We are now fully back on site'

1/15  Star-Advertiser: Strengthen PUC for new challenges

1/15  Star-Adveertiser: PUC urged to map energy future before reviewing HEI sale

1/15  Hawaii News Now: Hawaii fines geothermal plant for hydrogen sulfide release

1/14  Hawaii News Now: Groups want PUC to hold off on approving HECO sale

1/14  KHON: HECO lifts energy conservation request as repairs progress

1/14  PBN: Finish Hawaiian Electric's new energy plan before NextEra merger, group says

1/14  Hawaii News Now: HECO's call for energy conservation lifted

1/14  Star-Advertiser: Lock in HECO's plan before sale to NextEra, groups say

1/14  Star-Advertiser: Lights stay on as HECO proceeds with fixes

1/14  Star-Advertiser: HECO calls off evening energy conservation

1/13  KHON: HECO required by state to use independent suppliers

1/13  KITV: Thousands left in the dark yesterday during HECO blackout

1/13  Forbes: Will a takeover of Hawaiian Electric bring relief from the nation's highest electricity prices?

1/13  Civil Beat: Not everyone in Kahuku opposes new wind farm

1/13  Civil Beat: Oahu residents asked to cut energy use again

1/13  PBN: 7 possible candidates who could be Hawaii PUC's next chair

1/13  Star-Advertiser: HECO says no rolling blackouts Tuesday night

1/13  Star-Advertiser: Power failures tarnish big game

1/13  Star-Advertiser: Chairwoman of state PUC resigns

1/13  Star-Advertiser: Island's ownership of electric vehicles grew in 2014

1/13  PBN: HEI execs stand to make $17M from NextEra acquisition of Hawaiian Electric

1/12  PBN: Hermina Morita resigns from Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

1/12  Star-Advertiser: Morita resigns as state PUC chairperson

1/12  Civil Beat: PUC Chair Mina Morita resigns

1/12  KITV: Hawaiian Electric implementing rolling blackouts on Oahu

1/12  KHON: Rolling outages to begin as HECO asks Oahu customers to conserve power

1/12  Hawaii News Now: HECO to implement rolling outages tonight on Oahu

1/12  PBN: Hawaii Energy Excelerator startups attain major funding, deal with Samsung

1/12  PBN: Shakeup at the top of Hawaii's clean energy leaders

1/12  AP: Effects on Native Hawaiians by geothermal to be studied

1/12  Civil Beat: End HECO monopoly, strengthen energy policy, establish timelines

The State Energy Office has released the list of current Clean Energy Leaders as of January 2015. Visit the leaderboard here.

Jan 06
Local Industry News

Jan. 9  Civil Beat: Attorneys question PUC's approval of wind farm

Jan. 9  PBN: Hawaiian Electric shareholders to vote on NextEra Energy merger this spring

Jan. 9  PBN: 'Mike' the Citibike from New York City 'vacations' in Honolulu

Jan. 9  PBN: Hawaiian Electric responds to concerns about NextEra's big solar farm

Jan. 9  Star-Advertiser: Lau to receive $10 million upon HEI's purchase

Jan. 9  Star-Advertiser: HECO inches toward solar installs

Jan. 9  Star-Advertiser: Panel approves $300,000 study on geothermal and Native Hawaiians

Jan. 8  PBN: New details emerge about NextEra Energy's $4.3B deal to acquire Hawaiian Electric Co.

Jan. 8  PBN: $250M Honolulu Seawater A/C project signs downtown office condo building

Jan. 8  PBN: Kauai utility selects candidates to run for open board slots

Jan. 8  PBN: Hawaiian Electric expects rapid progress in approving solar energy systems

Jan. 8  Civil Beat: The high price of wind energy in breezy Hawaii

Jan. 8  KITV: Declining gas prices could mean higher savings

Jan. 8  KHON: HECO: January electric bills at four-year low thanks to oil

Jan. 7  Star-Advertiser: Ice Palace taps the sun to stay cool

Jan. 7  Star-Advertiser: Supersize solar setup underway on Big Isle

Jan. 7  PBN: Pittsburgh energy storage developer eyes Hawaii expansion

Jan. 6  Utility Dive: What will NextEra's acquisition of HECO mean for solar energy?

Jan. 6  Civil Beat: Kahuku "is going to be surrounded by wind turbines"

Jan. 6  Greentech Media: PV in Hawaii 2014: A Hawaiian solar state of the union from Marco Mangelsdorf

Jan. 6  Star-Advertiser: Third North Shore wind farm receives OKl from utilities panel

Jan. 2  PBN: California firm's $90M North Shore Oahu wind farm approved

Jan. 2  PBN: Maui Electric proposing to not raise base rates

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Public Utilities Commission

12/12 The Public Utilities Commission has posted the electronic files submitted by the Hawaiian Electric Companies in response to the Commission's request for information regarding the Power Supply Improvement Plans. The files can be accessed here.

Local Industry News

12/19  Star-Advertiser: Gas, electric utilities differ on who will bring natural gas

12/19  PBN: NextEra's Hawaii solar farm called into question by state agency chief

12/18  PBN: Hawaii made great progress towards renewable energy in 2014, report says

12/18  PBN: Uber launches ridesharing service on Maui

12/17  PBN: Blue Planet Foundation names clean transportation chief

12/17  PBN: NextEra/HECO transaction application to be filed with Hawaii regulators in six weeks

12/17  PBN: Tesoro gas station brand in Hawaii eventually to be replaced

12/17  Civil Beat: New solar projects projected to increase Oahu electricity bills

12/16  PBN: Oahu rooftop solar permits drop 50 percent in November

12/16  PBN: Hawaii Gas seeks proposals to bring more LNG to the Islands

12/16  Star-Advertiser: Lawsuits challenge proposal to sell HEI

12/16  Star-Advertiser: Hawaii Gas plan aims to lower costs

12/15  Star-Advertiser: Oahu gas under $3 a gallon but isles still pay most in the U.S.

12/15  Civil Beat: NextEra. Let's clear the air about HECO purchase

12/14  Star-Advertiser: Use sale of HEI to ensure state's clean energy future

12/14  Maui News: Utility merger brings attention to undersea power cable proposal

Dec 10
Dec 02
Local Industry News

12/7  Star-Advertiser: NextEra's offer to buy HECO prompts questions about Hawaii energy future

12/7  Star-Advertiser: Ensure sale of HECO puts ratepayers first

12/5  Civil Beat: HECO moves forward with 6 new Oahu solar projects

12/5  PBN: Hawaiian Electric signs contracts for 6 large solar farms totaling 207MW

12/5  PBN: Why did NextEra Energy decide to buy Hawaiian Electric?

12/4  Star-Advertiser: Bigger is better for utility customers, NextEra CEO says

12/4  PBN: NextEra Energy buying Hawaiian Electric won't speed up rooftop solar approvals on Oahu, expert says

12/4  PBN: Hawaiian Electric Industries' stock sizzles after NextEra Energy acquisition announcement

12/4  PBN: California's Sempra Energy was interested in buying Hawaiian Electric, source says

12/4  International Business Times: NextEra Energy's $4.3B deal to buy Hawaii's biggest utility will accelerate clean energy

12/4  PBN: Hawaiian Electric was not for sale, top exec says

12/4  PBN: NextEra Energy buying Hawaiian Electric won't speed up rooftop approvals on Oahu, expert says

12/4  Star-Advertiser: Florida company buys Hawaiian Electric Industries

12/3  Civil Beat: Florida Company plans to buy Hawaiian Electric Industries

12/3  Hawaii News Now: Hawaiian Electric and its new buyer claim sale will lower power bills

12/3  KITV: Hawaii's energy landscape changing

12/3  Bloomberg: NextEra agrees to buy Hawaiian Electric for $2.63 billion

12/3  Greentech Media: Aloha: Hawaii's utility HEI acquired by NextEra for $4.3 billion

12/3  Reuters: NextEra Energy to buy Hawaiian Electric for $2.63 billion

12/3  Associated Press: NextEra to Acquire Hawaiian Electric for $2.6 billion

12/3  Wall Street Journal: NextEra Energy to buy most of Hawaiian Electric for $2.6 billion

12/3  Civil Beat: Hawaiian Electric sold to NextEra Energy for $4.3 Billion

12/3  KITV: Hawaiian Electric Industries bought by NextEra for $4.3 billion

12/3  KHON: Hawaiian Electric to merge with Florida-based NextEra Energy in $4.3B deal

12/3  Utility Dive: NextEra Energy to buy Hawaiian Electric

12/3  PBN: NextEra Energy already familiar with Hawaii and Hawaiian Electric Industries

12/3  Hawaii News Now: NextEra Energy and Hawaiian Electric enter $4.3B merger agreement

12/3  Star-Advertiser: Nextera Energy to buy Hawaiian Electric for $4.3 billion

12/3  PBN: Hawaiian Electric Inudstries to merge with Florida's NextEra energy in $4.3 billion deal

12/3  PBN: Finland company to supply new $170M Hawaiian Electric power plant with engines

12/3  PBN: Hawaiian Electric not approving rooftop solar systems in highly penetrated Oahu areas

12/3  PBN: Hawaiian Electric chooses Maui's Pacific Biodiesel over Iowa biofuel supplier

12/2  KHON: New "green energy" fee added to electric bills starting this month

12/2  Maui News: Pacific Biodiesel inks deal with HECO

12/2  Star-Advertiser: HECO signs two-year contract with Pacific Biodiesel

12/2  PBN: Green infrastructure fee to appear on Hawaiian Electric bills this month

12/2  Utility Dive: How the HECO-SolarCity partnership is turning rooftop solar into a grid asset

12/1  Solar Industry: Hawaiian Electric seeks demand response proposals from private partners

12/1  Star-Advertiser: Solar farm OK'd for Royal Kunia site

12/1  PBN: Hawaiian Electric Co. looking for businesses to help with managing energy demand

12/1  West Hawaii Today: Small businesses, 3 colleges to benefit from energy efficiency projects

11/29  Barron's: Hawaiian Electric: Why its shares could dim

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