About Energy

Most of us don't think much about power and energy—where it comes from, how we get it, how much it costs. We're accustomed to flipping a switch, and voila... power! As engineers develop new technologies that will make clean, renewable energy a reality, it might help to revisit the fundamental laws of nature, technologies and the numbers that govern energy. Understanding how it works is the first step to rethinking power.

Energy Basics

There are lots of claims made with qualitative statements like "There's plenty of oil in the Arctic." What does that mean, exactly? Something plentiful to an ant might be invisible to an elephant. A relative term like "plenty" is meaningless here until we establish whether our demand for oil is ant-like or elephantine in comparison to the potential Arctic supply to that demand. Discussions of an energy technology or resource without mention of actual numbers or meaningful relative comparisons by which we can gauge its suitability are often not very useful and can even be downright misleading. This applies not only to fossil fuels like oil but to their potential renewable replacements as well.

About Renewable Energy

Hawaii is blessed with the most diverse array of alternative energy potential of any state in the nation. Blue Planet believes that harnessing the renewable, local resources available on our islands can improve our economy, our security, our environment, and our health.

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Clearing the Path for Clean Energy