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Nov 23
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Nov. 25  Star-Advertiser: Isle solar power industry's demise expected via cap on rooftop solar systems

Nov. 25  Star-Advertiser: HECO timing plan short on incentive, groups tell PUC

Nov. 24  Utility Dive: 12 charts that show the state of the US clean energy revolution

Nov. 24  PBN: Hawaii agency still opposes NextEra Energy-Hawaiian Electric sale

Nov. 24  PBN: Honolulu mayor signs bill to speed solar energy installs at city buildings

Nov. 24  PBN: FERC cancels permit for Maui hydro power storage project

Nov. 23  Utility Dive: Kauai co-op files plans for community shared renewables with Hawaii regulators

Nov. 23  PBN: Hawaiian Electric negotiating new agreement with large Oahu power producer

Nov. 23  PBN: NextEra affiliate strikes deal on 60MW Maui wind farm with Hawaiian Homes Commission

Nov. 20  Hawaii News Now: Report: Hawaii ill-prepared for effects of climate change

Nov. 20  PBN: Honolulu rail project looks to go solar for cheaper energy

Nov. 20  PBN: Hawaiian Electric's new power plant at Schofield to be done by 2018

Nov. 20  PBN: NextEra-Hawaiian Electric hearings to be aired live on Olelo TV

Nov. 19  EcoWatch: 4 U.S. cities that have gone 100% renewable

Nov. 19  Star-Advertiser: Protestors decry PUC decision to replace net energy metering

Nov. 19  Civil Beat: NextEra hearing transcripts to go online--eventually

Nov. 18  PBN: Hawaii Capitol, 10 state building could be cooled by seawater air conditioning

Nov. 17  PBN: Hawaiian Electric, AES Hawaii reach new power-purchase agreement

Nov 12
Nov 02
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Nov. 6  Star-Advertiser: State panel again snubs HECO plan

Nov. 6  PBN: Regulators raise major concerns with Hawaiian Electric's new energy plans

Nov. 6  Star-Advertiser: Climate change birds may not abide warming

Nov. 6  PBN: GEMS OKs 9 installers for loan project

Nov. 5  Civil Beat: PUC to utilities: your power plans fall short

Nov. 5  Star-Advertiser: PUC to enforce strict timeline at NextEra hearings

Nov. 5  PBN: Former PUC chair in favor of NextEra Energy-Hawaiian Electric sale

Nov. 5  Star-Advertiser: Global warming linked to greater number of hurricanes near Hawaii

Nov. 5  PBN: Developer wants Hawaii regulators to re-consider its solar project

Nov.4  Tech Times: Climate change may put many of Hawaii's unique bird species at risk

Nov. 4  PBN: Hawaiian Electric, Honolulu water board plan large solar farm in West Oahu

Nov. 4  Star-Advertiser: City water utility backs NextEra's HEI deal

Nov. 4  PBN: Hawaii's Energy Excelerator director earns national recognition

Nov. 3  PBN: Hawaii's clean energy financing program doles out 150 applications

Nov. 3  PBN: Discussion of LNG, utility ownership models allowed at NextEra-HECO hearings, regulators rule

Nov. 2  PBN: Kauai utility flips switch on Hawaii's largest solar farm

Nov. 2  New York Times: The Pacific Ocean becomes a caldron

Nov. 2  Civil Beat: Gov. David Ige talks about the state's energy future

Nov. 1  Los Angeles Times (op-ed): Can the world's coral be saved?

Oct. 31  KITV4:  Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor goes solar

Oct 27
Oct 19
Oct 15
Oct 05
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Sep 21
Sep 14
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Sep. 18  PBN: Huge solar, wind projects have biggest impact on Hawaii's environment, new report says

Sep. 18  Civil Beat: NextEra, Hawaiian Electric revise list of paid consultants

Sep. 18  PBN: Plan afoot to develop Hawaii's Lake Wilson into major hydroelectric project

Sep. 17 Utility Drive: The top 10 trends transforming the electric power sector

Sep. 17  Star-Advertiser: Oahu electric bills to rise; other isles will see costs drop

Sep. 17  Civil Beat: Living Hawaii: Electric Rebellion

Sep. 16  PBN: Hawaii's Consumer Advocate may issue information requests to NextEra-HECO heads, PUC says

Sep. 16  Utility Dive: IOU, co-op or muni? Experts debate the creation of public utilities

Sep. 16  Star-Advertiser: I'm immune to pressure, Iwase says

Sep. 16  PBN: Hawaii's energy chief, governor mum on stance toward NextEra-HECO sale

Sep. 15  Star-Advertiser: Schatz urges PUC to focus on NextEra's plan for increasing renewable energy

Sep. 15  PBN: More labor unions join opposition against $4.3B NextEra Energy-Hawaiian Electric sale

Sep. 14  KHON: RevoluSun to donate solar-powered air conditions to Kalaheo

Sep. 14  KITV: Electricity bills soar as more turn to AC for relief

Sep. 14  Star-Advertiser: Porsche unveils all-electric Tesla-fighting sports car

Sep. 14  PBN: Hawaii solar energy exec launches new company aimed at curing rooftop solar ills

Sep. 13  Wall Street Journal: Renewable energy's potential may be understated

Sep. 12  Star-Advertiser: Heat triggers record energy use


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