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Energy efficiency starts at home

Rebates & Incentives

Solar systems and new appliances can be expensive. These rebates can help. Learn about the latest programs designed to help you save energy and money. Check the Hawaii Energy website for currently available rebates on efficiency purchases.


Electric Vehicles

Switching to hybrid and all-electric vehicles can reduce or even eliminate the pollution that comes from petroleum-fueled cars, not to mention the money you spend on gas. Electric vehicles will play an integral role in Hawaii’s clean energy future.  These new cars are not only fuel efficient, they can also be affordable with rebates from the State of Hawaii.   Take a look at your options.

Understanding Smart Meters

One of the most important features of a modern electricity grid is its layer of advanced communications technology. On our old grid, our homes and businesses were unable to talk to power plants; if there was a blackout, the grid wouldn’t know.

With a modern grid, information can be relayed between all the points where energy is produced, stored, and delivered. The role of smart meters is to measure and report this data, enabling the grid to balance out fluctuations in supply and demand. Think of smart meters as the nerve endings that alert your brain if your hand is touching a hot stove—smart meters communicate how much power is moving around and when there is a problem. By processing this data, the grid can then regulate the flow of electricity more efficiently and reliably. This will also enable us to integrate more clean, local, renewable sources of energy.

Unfortunately, common myths and misleading claims about smart meters have fueled concerns over safety, security, and privacy. To address these concerns, Blue Planet examined the research thoroughly. Here is what we found.

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Clearing the Path for Clean Energy