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Dec 19
Oct 08

Let’s call LNG what it is. LNG is a fossil fuel, just like oil and coal. It’s 90-percent methane (CH4), a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Hawai‘i Gas likes to call methane a “cleaner-burning fuel.” But that handy phrase hides the fact that methane leaks out of the ground during drilling (hello, fracking) and that fossil fuels are consumed to ship it across the sea. LNG is liquefied methane. It’s not clean. It’s not renewable. It’s not local. It’s not sustainable.

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Mar 30

President Obama delivered a speech about America's energy security at Georgetown University today. As someone who spends most of every day trying to grasp the numerous whys and complex hows of clean energy, I appreciated that his remarks underscored all the potential that exists in our pursuit of energy independence. Highlights of the address are listed below. It's nice to hear how these initiatives will work, rather than excuses why they won't. It's also reassuring to know that progress is being made in all different sectors, and that these pieces can fit together to solve the big-picture energy puzzle. There's a reason we do what we do at Blue Planet, and the President so graciously reminded us once again why it's so important.

Mar 22

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It's a wrap. Congratulations to the winners of the 21-Day Film Project, Rising Son Productions! Their arresting film, "Once was Paradise," received first prize at Showdown in Chinatown on Saturday night. Thanks to all the teams that submitted films and all the people who made it to Nextdoor to be part of the event. It was packed!

Also big mahalos... To the judges: Blue Planet founder Henk Rogers, cinematographer Mike Prickett of Prickett Films, and producer Caleb Lucero of Co Creative Studios. To Showdown in Chinatown masterminds Cyrina Hadad and Richard Hadad-Ralya. To KC, Greg, and the awesome staff at Nextdoor. To Laura Poirer, who brought Sunetric's Watt Wheels to run the projector on solar power. To Gabe and Anthony, who shot Blue Planet's Tesla film with 48 hours' notice! To Showdown co-founder and emcee Torry Tukuafu and the Hawaii Five-O crew for taking the time and thought to produce their gorgeous film contribution, "Nohona." To the musicians and DJs who rocked the house. And to all our media supporters who helped get the word out. MAHALO!

NOW ONLINE! View the films here. Also, enjoy Blue Planet's own 21-Days contribution, "Never Out of Gas"...

Clearing the Path for Clean Energy