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Apr 09

There's a lot of talk about grid modernization these days. What is a smart grid, and why is it important? We're pleased to introduce Miso Smart to tell you why. Please enjoy "Miso Smart Makes a Speedy Delivery," the first episode of The Supercharged Adventures of the Blue Planeteers.

Mahalo to cartoonist extraordinaire DrewToonz for bringing the Blue Planeteers to life! Do you have ideas for future adventures for our energy superheroes? We'd love to hear them. Send them to [email protected].

Mar 03

Read our commentary published in the Star-Advertiser on Sunday, Mar. 2. Help us voice your support for community solar. Sign your name to our community panels that we'll send to legislators!


Star-Advertiser: Solar power installations up 34% in isles last year

Star-Advertiser: Support efforts to modernize electric grid

Star-Advertiser: PUC policy should favor consumers


Decision and Order No. 31964: For Approval (1) to commit funds in Excess of $500,000 for the proposed SNG System Backup Enhancement Project, (2) of the Fuel Supply Agreement, (3) of the Fuel Delivery Contract, and (4) to include the Costs of the Fuel Supply Agreement and Fuel Delivery Contract in the Fuel Adjustment Clause of The Gas Company, LLC dba HAWAI‘IGAS.

The order dismisses the request to commit funds of $950,725 to purchase three LNG ISO containers and a trailer-mounted mobile re-gasifier. The order notes that the two isocontainers, the mobile re-gasifier, and the chassis have already been purchased. In the past two years, the Commission has denied four requests by Hawaii Gas seeking retroactive approval for capital expenditures. From its order disimissing the first retroactive request: "The commision notes that such action does not appear to comply with the applicable requirement of section 2.3.f.2 that TGC file its application at least sixty days prior to the commencement of construction or commitment for expenditure, whichever is earlier. Thus, TGC proceeded at its own risk in expending funds to complete a portion of the new distribution system in the absence of the commission affirmative approval....TGC is reminded that, for future reference, it shall timely file its capital expenditure applications in compliance with section 2.3.f.2 of General Order No. 9." The order states that the commission is dismissing the latest request "because Rule 2.3(f)(2) does not apply to a situation where a utility has already made the capital expenditure."

The Commissioned approved the Supply Agreement and the Delivery Contract; stipulations are specified in the order.


Decision and Order No. 31908: Instituting an Investigation to Reexamine the Existing Decoupling Mechanisms for Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc. and Maui Electric Company, Limited

Decision and Order No. 31913: For Approval of Application for Waivers from the Framework for Competitive Bidding


Jan 23
From our press release files:

HONOLULU--During his 2012 State of the State address this morning, Hawai‘i Gov. Neil Abercrombie urged swift, aggressive action on clean energy policies that would reduce Hawaii's dependence on oil. Pointing to a pilot smart grid project on Maui, the Governor underscored the importance of grid modernization. He also talked about equalizing rates across the state, nodding to grid integration between the islands. Additionally, he announced a plan to establish an "explicit authority to develop, adopt and monitor electricity reliability and interconnection standards."

"The Governor recognizes that Hawaii's clean future is being throttled by an outdated, antiquated energy grid," said Blue Planet Foundation Executive Director Jeff Mikulina. "We need to make the necessary investments in modernizing our electricity infrastructure so we can put our abundant indigenous resources statewide to work." Blue Planet is encouraged that the Governor recognizes outdated infrastructure and shortcomings in reliability as bottlenecks to the adoption of renewable energy, and has assigned Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz to oversee these priorities. Blue Planet Foundation looks forward to working with Lt. Gov. Schatz—who was a clean energy advocate while serving in the state legislature—to shape and advance these critical proposals.
Blue Planet is concerned, however, that the Governor included natural gas—not currently part of Hawaii's electricity landscape—as an alternative for electricity production among local, clean, renewable sources of energy.

"Imported natural gas does not rank with indigenous photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, biofuel, and ocean resources as solutions fit to achieve Hawaii's energy security," Mikulina said. "Our state's energy mix must come from the abundant, local sources of clean, renewable power. We can not afford to deepen our reliance on imported, volatile fossil fuels."
"Governor Abercrombie has selected the right energy priorities for 2012 and has the right leadership at the Public Utilities Commission to execute the plan," Mikulina continued. "If we can align legislative leadership and community support with the Governor's clean energy vision, Hawai‘i can look forward to stable energy prices, a healthier local economy, and a clean energy future."

Clearing the Path for Clean Energy