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Did you know that 90 percent of Hawaii's power—the electricity that runs our homes, the gas for the cars we drive, and the fuel for the jets that transport us across the sea-comes from imported oil? You can help reduce the oil burned in Hawaii—and the money we spend to burn it—through personal action, conservation, and helping to influence government and private policy. Be part of the clean energy movement, and help us achieve energy self-sufficiency for Hawaii.


Policy Initiatives

Blue Planet Foundation's policy advocacy seeks to drive systemic change by constructing the framework for markets and behavior—“institutional acupuncture.” We engage in lawmaking at the state capitol and county councils and rulemaking at the Public Utilities Commission. By working with other clean energy advocates, experts, and community and business leaders, we can develop smart policy solutions that will enable Hawaii to achieve energy independence.

Community Solar

100% Clean Energy 

Modern Grid

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CFL Exchange

CFL Exchange

Opting for energy-efficient light bulbs is an easy first step toward Hawaii's clean energy future. With your help, Blue Planet Foundation has replaced 190,000 incandescent bulbs, helping residents statewide reduce their energy consumption as well as their electric bills. Get involved in your own CFL exchange!
CFL Fundraisers
CFL Exchange for Apartments and Condos
Energy Study Application
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Hui Up

Hui Up! 2013

Become more energy-efficient through our appliance trade-in program.  Hui Up! was developed to overcome cost barriers and allow everyday residents to realize the benefits of clean energy.   Group buys of efficient ENERGY STAR appliances allow Hawaii families to save money on their energy bills while helping reduce consumption of oil. 
About Hui Up

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Clearing the Path for Clean Energy