CFL Exchange

CFL Exchange

Opting for energy-efficient light bulbs is an easy first step toward Hawaii's clean energy future. Blue Planet's C.F.L. Program provided Compact Florescent Lamps (CFLs) to community organizations and school groups. It helped to raise funds for community projects by replacing old bulbs with energy-saving CFLs. The win-win program helped these groups earn cash rewards while helping friends and family save energy and money..

With your help, Blue Planet Foundation replaced nearly 300,000 incandescent light bulbs with CFLS in 2012, saving residents more than $40 million and displacing 190,000 barrels of oil over the lifetime of the bulbs.
Thanks to all the individuals, groups, students, teachers, and volunteers who made this program a huge success! Keep an eye out for future projects that we'll be hosting for school and community groups in 2013.


Conserve-Fundraise-Learn CFL Fundraiser

Conserve - Fundraise - Learn
CFL Fundraiser

Raise money for your group or club and help the environment while having fun at the same time. The Blue Planet Foundation would like to help you raise money while you raise awareness about Hawaii’s unsustainable dependence on fossil fuel. By going out into the community and exchanging incandescent bulbs for energy-saving CFLs and LEDs provided by Blue Planet, you can teach people about energy conservation

CFL Fundraiser Overview
CFL Fundraiser Application
Maui Bulb Blitz
Big Island Bulb Blitz


CFL Exchange for Apartments, Condos and Non-profits

CFL Exchange for Apartments & Condos

Blue Planet Foundation and Hawaii Energy can provide your Oahu, Hawaii residential apartment building, condo complex or non-profit with free CFLs to replace all the old-style, incandescent bulbs on your property. This will help make your building more energy efficient and save money!

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CFL Frequently Asked Questions

CFL Frequently Asked Questions

How long do CFL bulbs last?  Do CFL bulbs contain mercury?  What should I do with burnt out or broken CFL Bulbs?  Where can I find out more information?  Wow, that's a lot of questions you have there but they are frequently asked.  Conveniently, we have frequently answered answers about CFL bulbs just for you.





Blue Planet CFL Exchange Map

This map shows participating schools and community groups in Blue Planet's C.F.L. Exchange program.

View Blue Planet's Better Bulbs Blitz in a larger map

CFL Exchange News

Thank you to and from the Waiakea Pirates

These girls rocked it, swapping more than 7,000 CFLs during the Big Island Bulb Blitz.

Leeward Coast Bulb Blitz is ON!

Leeward Coast Bulb Blitz The Leeward Coast Bulb Blitz is in full swing! The goal is to replace 36,000 incandescent bulbs along the Wai‘anae Coast

Moanalua HS eclipses Kamehemeha Elementary to win the Better Bulbs Blitz-off

They canvassed neighborhoods. They convinced their parents to swap bulbs at work. They held exchanges at condo buildings in their neighborhood. T

Molokai residents see the light; swap out incandescent bulbs for CFLs wrote about the Blue Planet Foundation community-based CFL exchange on the island of Molokai.   Read Article [prou

CFL means Conserving, Fundraising and Learning!

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