CFL Fundraiser

Conserve - Fundraise - Learn (C.F.L.) Program

Raise money for your group or club and reduce Hawaii's energy consumption while having fun at the same time! Blue Planet Foundation would like to help you raise money while you raise awareness about Hawaii’s unsustainable dependence on fossil fuel. By going out into the community and exchanging incandescent bulbs for energy-saving CFLs and LEDs supplied by Blue Planet, you can teach friends and neighbors about the benefits of energy efficiency and its role in Hawaii's transition to clean energy.


Click HERE for Leeward Coast Bulb Blitz info and upcoming CFL exchange dates on O‘ahu.

What is the C.F.L. Program?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Blue Planet gives your organization an orientation to the C.F.L. program, along with educational materials, light bulb tally sheets, and program instructions.
  2. Blue Planet provides up to 1,000 energy-saving light bulbs at a time.
  3. Your group goes out into the community and exchanges the energy-saving bulbs with old-style, inefficient incandescent light bulbs. This is also your opportunity to teach friends and neighbors about the benefits of clean energy and the importance of energy efficiency.
  4. Your group returns all tally sheets and documentation to Blue Planet.
  5. Blue Planet pays your organization $0.40 for each light bulb exchanged.

Through this project, your group will…


CFLs and LEDs are more efficient than old-style bulbs and need less electricity to produce the same amount of light. Incandescent bulbs require four times (4x) the energy that CFL bulbs consume. If your group exchanges 1,000 CFLs, you will help residents save more than $14,000 on their electricity bills, displacing 810 barrels of oil and 400 tons of carbon pollution.


The Foundation will provide your group with 1,000 CFL bulbs at a time, free of charge, along with pamphlets about energy efficiency for you to share with your community and/or school. For every incandescent bulb you exchange for a CFL bulb, Blue Planet will reward your group with $0.40/bulb for an earning potential of $500. If your group decides to sign up for more bulbs, you must reapply and wait for approval to exchange another 1,000 bulbs.


Someone from the Blue Planet team will provide a brief, 30- to 45-minute orientation about the C.F.L. program and energy efficiency to your organization. Participants will learn about Hawaii's energy challenge, the relationship between energy and climate change, and solutions for achieving energy sustainability in the islands.

All inquiries and applications can be sent to: [email protected]

The C.F.L. program is currently open to schools and community groups on Maui, Lanai, and Hawai‘i Island. Please contact David Aquino at (808) 954-6161 or [email protected] for more information.

See a MAP of schools and community organizations that have participated in our CFL program.

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CFL Exchange Partners

Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBDET),

City & County of Honolulu,

Hawaii Energy,

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC),

KIUC Foundation,

KUPU Hawaii,

KANU Hawaii,


October 2011: 100,000 Better Bulbs Blitz

For National Energy Awareness Month, school groups competed in a month-long CFL bulb blitz. The results are in... The $1,000 prize for exchanging the most bulbs during the 100,000 Better Bulbs Blitz goes to Moanalua High School for swapping 6,344 bulbs! In a close second was Kamehameha Elementary School, with a total swap of 5,667 bulbs. Mahalo nui loa to all the schools that participated. Thanks for your hard work. You have a made a giant impact in energy savings.




Clearing the Path for Clean Energy