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CFL Exchange

One of the best ways to reduce oil consumption is also the easiest-- Replace your old-style, incandescent bulbs with efficient Compact Florescent light bulbs.  A CFL bulb produces the same amount of light as an old bulb but takes only about 1/4 of the electricity. Blue Planet Foundation has helped get Hawai'i started by offering FREE exchange of CFL bulbs for incandescent.  Already, we've exchanged 100,000 bulbs.  Here's what else we've done:

  • Partnered with schools, churches, businesses and community organizations on the island of Moloka'i with the goal of eliminating all incandescent bulbs on the island.  To date, we've replaced over 36,000 bulbs -- that's an elimination of over 24,000 barrels of imported oil.  Even better, Moloka'i residents will save an additional $6.5 million in energy costs.  More information at
  • Created a program that allows Hawai'i apartment buildings to exchange their resident's incandescent bulbs with CFLs at no charge.  We've allocated 36,000 CFLs to be given away for free.  Get your building involved here.
  • Directed a Door-to-door CFL exchange program where hundreds of volunteers visit households across Oahu offering unsuspecting residents 2 free CFL lightbulbs in return for old-style incandescents.
  • Organized CFL exchange fundraisers to raise money for local school groups and community groups. Learn more or sign up for a fundraising opportunity here.


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Tire Pressure Gauge Giveaway

A simple way to reduce oil consumption is to keep your tires properly inflated.  Blue Planet Foundation has distributed more than 4,000 tire pressure gauges to Hawaii residents to help.


Solar Water Heater Installations

Working with partners, Blue Planet Foundation has facilitated the installation of over 110 Solar Water Heaters in Hawaii to offset more than 5,500 barrels of oil.


Federal Money for clean energy projects

Blue Planet Foundation has helped Hawaii local rural businesses obtain federal funding of more than $275,000 for renewable energy systems and energy improvements.

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