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  • Join our friends at Hawaii Bicycling League for a tribute to David Niau on the morning of Saturday, Apr. 4 at Nuuanu/Judd. Visit the link for more information. More
  • National energy experts at the Maui Energy Conference chime in about LNG: David Freeman: “The very idea of replacing oil with LNG, it’s just like switching from Camels to Lucky Strikes,” he said. “That is a bridge to hell — climate hell.” Hunter Lovins, president of Natural Capitalism Solutions: LNG is like a “multi-kilaton bomb sitting in your living room.” “We are staring catastrophe in the face,” she said. “Climate change is upon us. It will not be kind to the islands. It will not be kind to anywhere.” We hope our leaders are paying attention! #nomorefossilfuels #100by2040 #wehavethepower More
  • Solar panels aren't just for rooftops anymore! More
  • Do you have some sort of online flyer for your event Saturday at Crossroads?
  • Gone to Maui: Tune in at 4pm for a Skype update from Ray Starling, Hawaii Energy program director, and Sharon Moriwaki, co-chair of the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum at the Maui Energy Conference More

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