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  • How does #WEfficiency work? You can watch the animation at, or here is the sophisticated adult version. More
  • CONGRATULATIONS to YWCA of O'ahu! Their Wefficiency project was fully funded with minutes to spare. New lighting will help them save $8,500/year, thanks to everyone who made a loanation. With that savings they'll pay back the loans and continue to provide the valuable services they offer to women in the community. More
  • Final countdown... YWCA has a few hours left to fund their efficient lighting campaign. Can you lend a hand? Even a $10 loan can help! Please visit and make a commitment. It will help this excellent nonprofit--and it will come back to you! Thank you for your support. More
  • Two days left, and YWCA of O'ahu is 90% there! Help put them over the top with a small loan on Wefficiency. Your contribution will help them save $8,500 a year--so they can do more of the amazing work they do to help give a boost to women in Hawai‘i. More