Past Honua Award Recipients

2010 Honua Award Winner -- Colonel Robert Rice

Since becoming Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Base Hawaii in 2008, Col. Rice has implemented bold energy initiatives that will help make the 3,000-acre Windward Oahu facility energy self-sufficient by 2015.

The base has integrated photovoltaic roofing systems, sensor-controlled skylights in hangars that adapt to available sunlight, and a central air conditioning system that manages energy use in 56 buildings on base. Runway lights and street lights have been replaced with high-efficiency LEDs.

Lodging units are equipped with solar hot water systems, and all new construction projects will be LEED-certified. The base is also receiving power from the first wave energy buoy in the nation.

"Colonel Rice understands that our energy challenge and national security challenge are inextricably linked," said Jeff Mikulina, Executive Director of the Blue Planet Foundation. "Energy self-sufficiency by 2015 is an extremely aggressive goal, and we recognize the value of Colonel Rice's steadfast commitment in demonstrating that the transformation to clean energy is actionable and achievable."

"The change that Col. Rice is driving is critical," said Henk Rogers, Founder and Chairman of the Blue Planet Foundation. "Critical not only for national security and fossil fuel reductions, but also because the military's research and investments in clean energy technologies today will help create the conditions for a wide commercial market in the years ahead."

Rogers added: "Blue Planet congratulates Colonel Rice and the Marine Corps base on the successful 'sea change' to clean energy."


2009 Honua Award Winner -- Darren Kimura

Sopogy CEO

2008 Honua Award Winner -- Maurice Kaya

Former Hawaii State Energy Director


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Clearing the Path for Clean Energy