Launch Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014

What is WEfficiency?

WEfficiency is a unique crowdfunding tool that enables nonprofits to install energy-efficient equipment that will lower their electricity bills. With the money they save, they can pay back their donors and do more good work for their communities.

How does WEfficiency work?

Many nonprofits face high electricity bills every month, but are unable to pay the upfront cost of new, more efficient equipment that could help lower their bills. WEfficiency helps Hawai‘i nonprofits unlock the benefits of energy efficiency.

At WEfficiency.org, nonprofits can broadcast their efficiency improvement needs and secure pledges from a “crowd” of supporters. This support can be given as either a loan (the supporter gets his money back) or a donation (contributions can become standard monetary donations or be recycled to support another WEfficiency project). We call it a “loanation.”

How is WEfficiency is different from other crowdfunding initiatives?

  • Your $1 donation can turn into $4 in energy savings. (A $10,000 efficient lighting retrofit can save the nonprofit $40,000 over its lifetime.)
  • You can recycle your donation or get your money back.
  • The power of efficiency is that it guarantees immediate, measurable energy savings that translate into lower costs.

The nonprofit will continue to save money every month after the project is funded—and they can put these additional resources toward the good work they do. WEfficiency is a win-win-win for the nonprofit, the loanator, and the community. Save energy, money, and the environment!

Mahalo to our partners: Atherton Foundation, Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Energy Industries, Inc., Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations, Hawaii Energy, Johnson Controls, Inc., and Sudokrew, LLC.



Visit WEfficiency.org to learn more!


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WEfficiency is a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action.

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