Where Do Things Go


To supplement Honolulu Theatre for Youth’s “Where Do Things Go?” performance, we printed Hawaii’s Energy Coloring Book to help remind everyone about all the clean, renewable energy sources we have right here at home. Blue Planet believes in a clean energy future for Hawai‘i—one that will protect our environment, our economy, and our quality of life. That is why we’re committed to ending Hawai‘i’s dependence on imported fossil fuels.
We’ve also included a clean energy reference sheet that tells you more about local renewable energy projects located throughout the islands and downloadable pages of our coloring book.
Achieving Hawai‘i’s clean energy goals will require everyone’s participation. You can start by saving energy at home. Even small, simple actions can make a big difference. Thanks for your effort to “Be the Change!” Let us know how you’re doing by sending email, photos, or drawings to [email protected].






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Clearing the Path for Clean Energy