We’re a local nonprofit powering the transition to 100% clean energy in Hawaii and leading the way for global change. We find creative ways to remove the obstacles that stand between us and a future free from fossil fuels.


We encourage leaders to make policy changes that accelerate secure, cost-effective renewable energy.


We provide education and outreach to help people understand key energy issues, what’s at stake, and why it matters.


We connect communities with smart, replicable clean energy and efficiency solutions that result in big impacts.

Positive Impacts

  • Blue Line Project

    We engaged 1,500 students to draw lines in chalk across Hawaii, illustrating the effect of a one-meter sea level rise on our coastal communities.

  • Hui Up Refrigerator Exchange

    We traded more than 390 old, inefficient refrigerators on Molokai and Lanai for new, high-efficiency models, saving families $500 a year on their electricity bills.

  • Better Bulbs Blitz

    We replaced more than 300,000 incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), saving $40 million statewide and displacing 190,000 barrels of oil.

  • WEfficiency

    We developed the world’s first energy efficiency crowdfunding platform that helps nonprofits decrease their carbon footprint and increase their capacities to serve our community.

  • 100% Renewable Energy Law

    We led the campaign to help Hawaii become the first state in the nation to set a 100% renewable energy mandate, paving the way for worldwide change.

  • Appliance Efficiency Standards

    We shaped and supported legislation that established the state's first standards for appliance efficiency, designed to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and save consumers money.

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