Empowered: Climate Science and Research

  In 2015, Hawaii became the first in the nation to pass a 100% renewable energy law, and has been a leader in the fight...

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Empowered: Reflections and Resolutions

  This year has been another difficult one between the pandemic and the climate crisis. With so many of us experiencing disaster fatigue, we felt...

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Empowered: New Power and Energy Storage

  Since the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, we need ways to store our renewable energy. We’ll look at different...

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Empowered: Energy Efficiency

  Often when people think about Hawaii’s 100% clean energy future, they think about using solar, wind, and other forms of renewable energy to power...

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Blue Planet Foundation’s Change in Leadership

After 13 years at the helm of Blue Planet Foundation, Jeff Mikulina stepped down from his role as executive director on October 15th. Over his...

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Empowered: Youth Climate Leadership

  Hawaii’s youth have a vested and active interest in solving the climate crisis, as it is their future that they are trying to secure....

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Empowered: Drive Electric Hawaii

  A number of barriers stand between the status quo and EV adoption at the pace and scale needed to meet Hawaii’s clean energy goals....

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Blue Planet’s Response to IPCC 2021 Report

Watch Blue Planet’s Executive Director discuss what the IPCC Report means for Hawaii and the rest of the world, and what actions we all need...

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Empowered: Solar Energy

  While Hawaii doesn’t have a single drop of fossil fuel, it does have an abundance of one of the best sources of renewable energy...

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Empowered: Transportation and Mobility

  The quarantine brought a rare sight to Hawai‘i: empty roadways. With most cars parked at home, the quiet and openness of typically crowded streets...

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