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3 New Electric Vehicle Measures Signed Into Law!

Posted on June 30, 2021 .

Governor Ige signed three renewable energy policies into law this month, all addressing a critical and neglected segment of Hawaii’s clean energy future: transportation. The passing of these bills expand access for more residents to participate in Hawaii’s transition to renewable energy and show the State is willing to lead by example:

  • HB 1142 allocates a portion of barrel tax revenue and establishes dedicated funds to support and finance electric vehicle charging systems. This bill will help promote the adoption of electric vehicles across the State because it increases the accessibility of charging systems.

  • HB 552 establishes clean ground transportation goals for State agencies to achieve a 100 percent light-duty motor vehicles zero-emission fleet by December 31, 2035.

  • HB 424 requires State agencies to adopt a preference for electric or hybrid vehicles when renting vehicles on behalf of State employees conducting official government business.

Blue Planet Foundation played an instrumental role in advocating for these measures during this year’s legislative session. These bills started as actions in Blue Planet’s Waypoints report, which outlined 50 policies and programs to guide Hawaii’s recovery from the pandemic through an equity, resilience, and climate lens. Now, some of those actions have become law thanks to leadership at the legislature and support from government agencies and various stakeholders.