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Transportation accounts for almost two-thirds of Hawai‘i's fossil fuel use. That’s why moving Hawai‘i beyond oil also means prioritizing more sustainable transportation options.

We’re paving the way to Hawai‘i’s clean transportation future.

Through community programs, educational resources, and bold advocacy, Blue Planet strives to accelerate and support the adoption of practices that improve mobility, reduce travel demand, promote equity, increase accessibility, and reduce emissions from the ground transportation sector. These include initiatives to shift modes of transportation away from single occupancy vehicles and towards more sustainable choices like public transit, biking, and walking; and promoting alternative fuels.

Program Highlight: 2021 Bike Challenge

In May 2021, Blue Planet hosted the Hawai‘i Bike Challenge, a state-wide, friendly competition aimed at normalizing bike riding as a viable form of travel and shifting behaviors around commuter choices. Over 730 people and 105 teams registered for the challenge, logging over 52,000 miles! Together, by choosing to bike instead of drive, participants prevented over 4,000 lbs. of carbon emissions.

Meet Zari, a new bike commuter from Wailuku, who discovered her passion for biking after participating in the challenge. Before the event, Zari had not ridden a bicycle since she was ten years old. Now, it has become part of her daily commute to work, and a fun activity to do with her daughter. She has even encouraged her neighbors to get bikes and replace trips previously taken by car.

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