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Who We Are

We are changemakers.

We are a passionate team committed to supporting Hawai‘i's decarbonized future.

Hawai‘i is Home

A history rich in innovation and cultural values rooted in a sense of community make Hawai‘i the perfect place to show the world what’s possible for equitable climate solutions. Although climate change is a global challenge, action happening locally is where lofty goals become reality.

Blue Planet Foundation is a Honolulu-based 501(c)(3) committed to helping Hawai‘i cut its carbon emissions and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. We leverage the power of locally driven policy change and impactful community initiatives to create momentum and inspire change.

Blue Planet launched a decade and a half ago with a vision to end the use of carbon-based fuels, starting in Hawai‘i. Since then, our team has worked diligently to move closer to a resilient future by advocating for policy change, sharing community stories, and working directly with Hawai‘i residents to build awareness and increase access to clean energy solutions.

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Published a new, refined strategic direction for the organization


Released Waypoints, a report containing 50 climate-friendly pandemic recovery actions


Launched our Climate Crew program to develop local youth climate leaders


Led the Blue Line Project, a visible demonstration of one-meter of sea-level rise at 15 sites statewide


Installed 750 free energy-monitoring kits in homes across O'ahu


Led the campaign to pass the nation's first 100% renewable energy goal


Launched WEfficiency, a crowdlending platform for efficiency upgrades at nonprofits


Debuted the Clean Energy Report to track our collective progress towards energy independence


Changed out 300,000 incandescent bulbs in schools and communities statewide


Launched the Hui Up refrigerator exchange on Moloka'i


Opened our doors and held the Blue Planet Summit


We are a team of pragmatic idealists, intrepid thinkers, and passionate creatives committed to supporting Hawai‘i’s transition to a decarbonized future.
Our Team
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Our work is supported by a diverse group of funders and philanthropic partners.
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Our Impact

Learn more about our work driving policy change and leading impactful community programs in our 2022 Impact Report.