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Recent updates from the frontline of climate action

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Outcomes of the 2024 Legislative Session
After four months of action, the 2024 legislative session came to a close. Read about the outcomes of the session, which saw few energy wins, but was pivotal in advancing recovery and resilience efforts in Hawai‘i, particularly in response to the wildfires on Maui.
15 May 2024
Blog Post
Cracking the Energy Code
Energy codes can help reduce energy waste, lower energy bills, and are key to helping Hawai‘i achieve its ambitious climate goals. But, what are energy codes and why do they matter?
9 May 2024
Blog Post
Policy Update: Conference Committee Starts Today!
Today marks the beginning of “conference committee,” a two week period where key legislators from the House and Senate meet to determine the final language and details of bills that are still alive and advancing.
15 Apr 2024
Blog Post
Multimodal Transportation Resources by Island
Wondering how you can make your commute more sustainable? We’ve compiled a list of multimodal transportation options by island below.
7 Feb 2024
Blog Post
2024 Legislative Priorities: A Policy Package for an Equitable and Climate Resilient Future
During the 2024 legislative session, Blue Planet is prioritizing policy solutions that align with the state’s decarbonization pathways, while also addressing affordability and accessibility for the people of Hawai‘i.
20 Jan 2024
Blog Post
Meet Hawaiʻi’s Next Generation of Climate Leaders
From the rural town of Volcano to the heart of Honolulu, these 25 passionate and inspiring high school students represent the next generation of climate leaders in Hawaiʻi.
22 Nov 2023
Blog Post
Youth Are Taking Action
Young people are already demonstrating their ability to lead climate advocacy efforts through historic constitutional climate change lawsuits.
13 Nov 2023
Blog Post
Our Hearts are with Maui
We are completely heartbroken by the destruction on Maui. Our hearts go out to the Lahaina community and those impacted by wildfires across the state.
1 Sep 2023
Blog Post
Join the 2023 Hawaiʻi Commute Challenge!
This statewide event, happening in August 2023, will challenge you to get out of your car and experience the variety of transportation options that Hawaiʻi has to offer.
17 Jul 2023
Blog Post
2023 Legislative Session Recap
We’re pleased to share that thanks to your advocacy efforts, we successfully passed clean lighting and appliance efficiency standards — two of Blue Planet's top priorities relating to energy efficiency.
19 May 2023
Blog Post
Evolution: A New Strategy for Growth, Impact, and Transformation
To transform the systems that underlie the climate crisis, we have developed three strategic pillars that represent our greatest opportunities to support Hawai‘i’s transition to a decarbonized future.
24 Apr 2023
Blog Post
Three takeaways from the Inflation Reduction Act
Congress made history last week by passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, marking a significant step forward for the nation’s climate goals, health care, and tax reform.
2 Apr 2023
Blog Post
2023 Legislative Update
Last week was the “crossover” deadline at the state legislature, which marks the halfway point of the 2023 session.
14 Mar 2023
KHON2: Climate Related Policy Being Considered in 2023
Jodi Robinson joined Living808 to talk about the legislative process and about some of the climate related measures that are being considered by our state legislators.
22 Feb 2023
Hawaii Business: Blue Planet’s 2023 Agenda: More Efficient Appliances, Lighting and Transportation
Blue Planet Foundation has policy recommendations for the 2023 state Legislature to keep the Islands on track.
16 Feb 2023

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