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EV-Ready Affordable Housing [HB 2100]

Testify in support of HB 2100

House Bill 2100, which establishes incentives for affordable housing developments to be built as “electric vehicle charger-ready”, has a hearing on Tuesday, January 30th in the Committee on Energy & Environmental Protection. Please submit testimony by Monday, January 29th in support of this important bill.

What does this bill do? HB 2100 provides rebates for new affordable housing developments to install the power-capacity and wiring necessary to make parking lots “EV charger-ready”— which would help save money for residents for future EV charger installation, reduce the barriers to EV adoption, and address the urgent challenge of reducing carbon emissions from ground transportation.

Why does this bill matter? While we have made progress on decarbonizing the electricity sector, ground transportation remains a significant source of carbon emissions in Hawai‘i and is our top contributor to climate change. We also critically need to build affordable housing that provides equitable access for all residents to participate in our clean energy future.