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Establishing a Hawaiʻi Home Energy Assistance Program

Testify in support of HB 2739

<HB2739 or SB3263>, which creates a Hawaii Home Energy Assistance Program, has a hearing on <Date> in the <Committee>. Please submit testimony by <date> in support of this important bill. See below for instructions and sample talking points.

What does this bill do? The bill would create a Hawai‘i Home Energy Assistance Program to provide low and moderate-income families in Hawai‘i with electricity bill assistance, crisis assistance to prevent disconnection, home weatherization, and energy related home repairs. Additionally, this program offers energy audits and energy efficiency upgrades to reduce families’ electricity costs over the long-term.

Why does this bill matter? Hawai‘i has the nation’s highest residential electricity rates, yet it receives the least amount of funding for the Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). In 2023, Hawai‘i received $7.8M in federal assistance, which served fewer than 9,000 households. With almost half of Hawaii families being employed but still struggling to make ends meet, there is a huge need to support low-income households with rising electricity bills through a new Hawaii Home Energy Assistance Program.