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Expansion of the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards [SB 2122]

Testify in support of SB 2122

SB 2122, which updates and extends the state’s energy efficiency portfolio standards to 2045, has a hearing on Thursday, March 28th, at 2:00pm in the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce. Please submit testimony by Wednesday, March 27th in support of this important bill! 

What does this bill do? In 2009, Hawai‘i established a long-term goal known as the “Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards” (or EEPS) to reduce statewide electricity use by 2030. Since then, Hawai‘i has set new goals to achieve 100% clean energy and net-zero emissions by 2045, but the EEPS goal has not been updated. SB 2122 would expand the energy efficiency portfolio standards from a goal of 4,300 gigawatt-hours of electricity savings by 2030 to 6,000 gigawatt-hours of savings by 2045 — an important step to align state planning across the energy sector, reduce carbon emissions, and cut Hawai‘i’s high electric bills.

Why does this bill matter? Hawai‘i residents pay the highest electric bills in the nation. Energy efficiency is an accessible, affordable, and equitable way to lower electricity bills for local families, and reduce carbon emissions that are fueling the climate crisis.