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New Horizons For Our (Blue) Planet

Posted on August 31, 2021 .

A bittersweet personal note: After 13 incredible years serving as executive director at Blue Planet, I’ll be stepping down from this role on October 15. I will then be joining the Board of Directors and remain an enthusiastic supporter and donor.

My reason for doing so is to make space for new growth to unfold—both for Blue Planet and for me. Serving in this role has been the most fulfilling, intellectually challenging, and exhilarating of my career. I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful for having had the opportunity to work alongside inspiring and gifted individuals—both within the organization and in the community. It has been a blessing. I am proud of our work in setting the agenda—and timeline—for clean energy in Hawaii. Working with motivated change agents like you, we helped to pass some bold, first-in-nation legislation. We launched novel programs. We experimented. We were called magical thinkers by some—and then we proved them wrong. We took what was once impossible and hastened the day that it was inevitable.

With my 100% support, the Board of Directors has selected Melissa Miyashiro as Blue Planet’s next executive director. Melissa has been with the organization for over seven years and served in a variety of capacities, including leading our operations, communications, fundraising, Power Forward, and policy initiatives. Melissa is a savvy leader with heart. From my firsthand experience, I take comfort knowing that under her direction and vision, this amazing organization will continue to set the pace of climate solutions through bold policy, effective strategy, and creative communications—we need it now more than ever. Please help me congratulate and welcome Melissa into the role.

Blue Planet is only as strong as its family of supporters. I have a deep appreciation for all you have done and will do to support our organization and the most important mission on this blue planet—mahalo.

With gratitude,

Jeff Mikulina