Recently, Hawaiian Electric filed a series of plans, intended to guide the utility’s path through 2030. We have applied to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to take part in evaluating the plans. In our initial review, we have questions about the plans and whether it achieves the transformation needed. Blue Planet will be working with experts to understand exactly what has been proposed, what the changes mean for customers, and how the plans can be improved.

Below are our initial comments and questions, triggered by the plans’ own description. Some aspects of the plan are positive: They begin to take a more realistic picture of the value and benefits of renewable energy. For example, when Hawaiian Electric thought there was a “close call” between a renewable and non-renewable option, the renewable option was chosen. The effects of volatile fossil fuel prices were considered, with a preference toward renewable energy with a known cost. The utility has shown a willingness to collaborate with industry and community stakeholders to optimize Hawaii’s energy plan.

We encourage additional